How to Market your Antiques Properly at Road Shows, Trade show, Fairs and Other Events

If you are planning to sell your antiques in any road shows or trade shows, it would be important to ensure that you strategically plan for the day. Proper show planning is essential to help you realize maximum returns on your investment as you will have invested both your time and money. The first thing that you ought to do is to ensure that you identify the right opportunity in the form of conferences or events that your target audience will be in attendance. This will expose your products to a huge number of potential buyers. You will be able to learn about these avenues from your customers and also by checking online.

Choice of Event

You should make sure that the shows you select will draw the number and type of customer prospects that you need in order to make proper sales. You should consider the geography, cost, timing as well as the reputation of the party sponsoring the event. You should also ensure that you look at the lists that capture the past attendees and vendors of any event you consider to be opportunistic.


You should create an exhibition that will wow people and attract them to your wares by ensuring that your way of displaying your antiques conveys the message home. Ensure that your graphics, design and type of exhibit delivers your intended marketing message with a huge punch. The way your display booth will be lighted, the accessories, booth flooring and table covers will play a huge role in conveying the image you will be portraying to your target audience. You may use a replica on the display for your most valuable antique items to protect them. If you need help designing and producing such a display to showcase your antiques call or visit my friends at


Create a Marketing Plan for the Trade Show

You should devise a marketing plan that ought to be divided into three sections. You should have a well devised plan for your marketing during the pre-show, at-show and post-show. You have to ensure that you pre-sell your antiques before your prospects even attend the road shows, trade shows or events. You should also ensure that you engage them fully during the show and lastly ensure that you follow them up later after the show in order to get additional sales.

Booth Location

You should reserve a good location for your display booth during the trade show event. Make sure you book early in order to secure a booth that will be located in a location that will access high traffic. Make sure you have access to the electrical outlets if you will use them for displaying your antiques or their replica to the audience

Explore Some Great Facts About Antique Shows And Events

There are many people around the world who are an antique lover and prefer to watch the antique shows and events that come up. Antique shows also known as the flea market sells some of the extraordinary items at a great value. Most of the people generally buy antiques as it highlights the interiors and could go well with any of the furniture or the theme set for the room of your house. These antiques can be the art of early 80’s, or 70’s till the crystal of Europe. There is no doubt that price for such vintage products can be little high, but definitely, it is worth for the fact that it is not made anymore.


Know More About The Antique Shows And Events:

The ideal focus of organizing such type of shows and events is to let the customers know that there are some great dealers who offer great waters, antique jewelry, and other good traditional products across the world. Such shows are the right platform to meet such dealers and buy the product that you are in love with at a great value. These events have not been only attracting the customers but have also grabbed the attention of more than 5000 dealers from different countries. This is the best platform for the experts in all the discipline to come and support the industry of antique field.

Where These Shows Are Mostly Held:

There is no definite place for the how to be held. As clamped to countries like India, you will find such shows mostly in Los Angeles,  New York, Miami, and Las Vegas to name a few. Again, it depends on which company or the dealer is organizing the show. So far the shows that are held in the world have always received a good response from the antique enthusiasts who are mostly the fashion icons, novice collector, and even the gallery owners. The attendees from different countries visit such shows to grab the right deal for the antique and be the part of this great event.

The Purpose Served By Antique Shows:

Such type of events and shows are not only held to sell the products to the customers. It is also a good area to offer the education to the people who are keen to know more about the antique market.  There are so many big companies and associations that together contribute and provide the best possible support to offer such useful education to the people about the importance of antique and let the customers explore some of the amazing art, antiques, and vintage items.

If you are keen to know about the antique shows and events near your area, then the online search can be the right option for it. The early purchase of the ticket can help you save the extra money, and you can enjoy exploring different art from the world that is worth appreciating. Talking about the events, it is generally held by the experts who are into this field for a long time and can help you understand what the real yet hidden treasure is. Be it a crystal, jewelry, fine glass or the pottery repair; every product which is antique holds great value.